How To Sell Your House With Bad Neighbors In SCOTTSDALE

Your house is on the market, you have a Realtor in your corner, and interested parties will be showing up soon for open houses and walkthroughs. Unfortunately, there’s one sticking point that could create issues very soon: bad neighbors. Here are some tips to sell your house with bad neighbors in SCOTTSDALE.


Maybe you have the stereotypical neighbor who seems unable to control the volume of their stereo system or the nosy type who can’t help themselves from strolling over to talk to prospective buyers when the buyers stop by to check things out.

What it comes down to is that your potential buyers are looking for a place they feel is their own and provides them some solitude and privacy away from the noise of the outside world. Some neighbors may think they are being helpful by coming over and talking to potential buyers and saying nice things about the neighborhood. However, comments like “this neighborhood is great for kids” can drive some buyers away. Maybe those buyers don’t want kids or prefer a quieter, more secluded neighborhood.


When you first meet with your agent, let them know what’s going on with your neighbor troubles.

Their years of experience have given them some tools to deal with scenarios like this, and they may be able to call in extra help to help you sell your house with bad neighbors. Chances are likely your Realtor will be glad you brought the problems to their attention and will defer to you – the seller – to make any initial moves in solving the problem.

However, your realtor is always there to have your back, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re crossing a line by asking for their assistance.


During the process of selling your home, it’s important to be up-front and honest about any issues with your home. This includes any problems that may come up with the neighbors.

The last thing you need is buyers coming over for an inspection only to get spooked by an unknown neighbor situation, and then go running for the hills. Trying to inform any potential buyers of problems with your neighbors ahead of time can brace them for any possible upcoming situations and build trust with you for possible future negotiation, helping you sell your house with bad neighbors.


Now that you’ve discussed things with your agent and potential buyers, it’s time to actually approach your neighbors. This is where things can become quite dicey, but it’s a good idea to try approaching the neighbors in a diplomatic manner.

Try to smooth over any wounds or talk them into helping you out rather than creating a worse situation down the road. A recommendation that may seem strange but could make a big difference is to give them a small treat, like if you were welcoming someone to the neighborhood with a housewarming gift.

Let these neighbors know that this means a lot to you and you need their help rather than their indifference.


Sometimes, trying to sell your house with bad neighbors means you need to get the assistance of a homeowners association, if you are part of one, or to consult an attorney. In certain situations where personal safety could be an issue, an attorney may be an unfortunate necessity.

It’s a good idea to try other methods first, but do not be afraid to take the step to get the help you need if things turn bad. Hopefully, neither of these will be a step you even need to consider, but they are available if needed.

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