Buying or selling a property in AZ is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose the right real estate professional to be on your side. We’d love to work with you! Learn more about us and why we do what we do.

For The Love Of Home: Our Story

We are Brent and Lisa Benger, and we started For The Love Of Home with the idea of sharing our love of great architecture, design and décor with the world. We endeavor to be a resource for everything home.

We started our careers in the art world—Brent as a commercial illustrator and gallery artist, and Lisa as a graphic designer. Our love of homes began as we ventured into the world of residential real estate investment, applying our design knowledge to the challenge of fixing and flipping homes. Our adventures remodeling homes quickly developed into a passion for great design and décor. We eventually melded our love of Great Architectural Design and real estate into our Residential Real Estate Team, For The Love Of Home.

We Love Homes with Great Architectural Design, And Helping Like-Minded Clients To Acquire Them

We think of our work as the perfect vocation for our interests—just imagine of all the great homes we get to visit!

Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients find the perfect home that reflects THEIR sense of style. Searching for the perfect home for our clients is truly and adventure, akin to a treasure hunt! When you come to us to assist you in your home search, we set about finding the perfect gem of a home that is just right for YOU, a place where you can create the story of your lives with family and friends in a warm and inviting environment. We truly LOVE the work we do!

We Represent the Sellers of Homes with Great Architectural Design Throughout the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Whatever the architectural style, whether it is a stunning Contemporary home or loft, a cool and hip Mid-Century Modern, a light and airy Modern Farmhouse, a Historic Home in Downtown, a warm and inviting Santa Barbara/ Spanish style or even the Old World feel of Tuscan design, our passion for and knowledge of great home design shines through in all of our marketing efforts. We decided to take that passion, experience and knowledge and create the For The Love Of Home Real Estate Team, dedicated to the acquisition and sale of Homes with Great Architectural Design.

We are the premiere Real Estate Team in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area that focuses their efforts on representing Homes with Great Architectural Design.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Team who appreciates and embraces Great Architectural Design to assist you with the acquisition or sale of  your home, you are looking in the right place. If you are a buyer, we will help you find the home that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.  If you are a seller, we will passionately and expertly market the home that you have put so much love and effort into creating.


Our Mission

“To serve our buyer and seller clients seeking to sell or acquire homes with Great Architectural Design at the highest level of expertise and professional representation.  In support of this mission, we endeavor to create a platform that curates rich content in the topics of Great Architectural Design, Décor, the Local Community, and all things Home. In this way, we hope to provide a community for like-minded individuals to share their Love Of Home.”


Our Core Values

  1. Be A Source of Knowledge and Expertise
  2. To Be of Service to Our Clients and Community
  3. To Treat All of Our Clients Like Family, Before, During and After Our Representation
  4. Clients Before Commissions
  5. Always Genuinely Care
  6. Make Home Selling and Acquisition an Enjoyable, Stress-Free Endeavor
  7. Be a Concierge Style Real Estate Team
  8. Be A Beacon of Positivity and Possibility
  9. Consistent Improvement and Innovation
  10. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open Minded
  11. Transparency
  12. Deliver WOW Through Great Service
  13. Have Fun and Be Different
  14. Be Humble and Have Gratitude for Everything


For The Love Of Home Advantage

There’s no other Realtor who approaches real estate sales/ acquisitions the way we do at For The Love Of Home. As you know there’s no shortage of real estate agents on the market but we felt there was a gap and that Buyers and Owners  haven’t been served with what they truly need.

We focus our marketing efforts toward buyer and owners who love the same things that we do—Homes with Great Architectural Design!

If you are a buyer looking to acquire a Home with Great Architectural Design, our relationships with owners and knowledge of the valley will give you a huge advantage in finding the perfect home for you.

Our background in real estate investing has honed our negotiating and marketing skills, ensuring that you will receive the best possible price whether we are representing you as a buyer or seller.

If you are an owner considering placing your Home with Great Architectural Design on the market, our focus on marketing to buyers of Homes with Great Architectural Design will give you the greatest exposure to buyers looking for homes like yours of any Realtors in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

The generalized strategies that most Realtors use to market their properties fall short on the most important thing—Focused Marketing aimed at buyers that are looking for your Exact Style of home. None of them can compete with our focused marketing towards the exact buyers that are looking for homes like yours. After all, all the marketing in the world won’t help if its not focused on buyers who are looking for what you are offering.

Ready to join the For Love Of Home community? You’ll like the weather over here 🙂


Meet The For Love Of Home Team